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Welcome to the American Society of Marine Artists 17th National Exhibition. These works were juried from over 500 paintings and sculptures submitted for consideration, and represent a wide variety of subject matter, medium, technique and inspired vision. Enjoy the show!

View Individual Works Through the Thumbnail Galleries Below

Daven Anderson - Kathleen 

  • Daven Anderson
    Daven Anderson
  • Susie Anderson
    Susie Anderson
  • John Atwater
    John Atwater
  • Del-Bourree Bach
    Del-Bourree Bach
  • John Barber
    John Barber
  • David Bareford
    David Bareford
  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe
  • Jeff Birchill
    Jeff Birchill
  • Karen Blackwood
    Karen Blackwood
  • Christopher T. Blossom
    Christopher T. Blossom
  • Cathy Boyer
    Cathy Boyer
  • Richard Boyer
    Richard Boyer
  • John Braden
    John Braden
  • Robert J. Burnell
    Robert J. Burnell
  • Larry Cannon
    Larry Cannon
  • Hiu Lai Chong
    Hiu Lai Chong
  • Priscilla Coote
    Priscilla Coote
  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis
  • Darrel Davis
    Darrel Davis
  • William Davis
    William Davis
  • Don Demers
    Don Demers
  • Christine Diehlmann
    Christine Diehlmann
  • William Duffy
    William Duffy
  • Kathleen Dunphy
    Kathleen Dunphy

Lisa Egeli - Steven Lush

  • Lisa Egeli
    Lisa Egeli
  • Peter Egeli
    Peter Egeli
  • Mary Erickson
    Mary Erickson
  • Janet Tarjan Erl
    Janet Tarjan Erl
  • Sheri Farabaugh
    Sheri Farabaugh
  • Bill Farnsworth
    Bill Farnsworth
  • Louis Gadal
    Louis Gadal
  • John Gerster
    John Gerster
  • Jim Griffiths
    Jim Griffiths
  • Robert Hagberg
    Robert Hagberg
  • Anne B. Hill
    Anne B. Hill
  • Matthew Hillier
    Matthew Hillier
  • Jennifer Holmes
    Jennifer Holmes
  • Paula Holtzclaw
    Paula Holtzclaw
  • Joan Colt Hooper
    Joan Colt Hooper
  • Lisa Horrigan
    Lisa Horrigan
  • Neal Hughes
    Neal Hughes
  • Sarah Hull
    Sarah Hull
  • Debra Huse
    Debra Huse
  • James D. Iams
    James D. Iams
  • Brent Jensen
    Brent Jensen
  • Harold Johnson
    Harold Johnson
  • Laurence Johnston
    Laurence Johnston
  • Michelle Jung
    Michelle Jung
  • Michael Karas
    Michael Karas
  • Michael Killelea
    Michael Killelea
  • Nam Soon Kim
    Nam Soon Kim
  • Alana Knuff
    Alana Knuff
  • Russ Kramer
    Russ Kramer
  • Loretta Krupinski
    Loretta Krupinski
  • Vicky Lawson
    Vicky Lawson
  • Ronald Lent
    Ronald Lent
  • Ruo Li
    Ruo Li
  • Richard Loud
    Richard Loud
  • Amanda Lovett
    Amanda Lovett
  • Nella Lush
    Nella Lush
  • Steven Lush
    Steven Lush

 Robert MacPherson - Steve Rogers

  • Robert MacPherson
    Robert MacPherson
  • James Magner
    James Magner
  • Don Maitz
    Don Maitz
  • Dana Malcolm
    Dana Malcolm
  • Diane Mannion
    Diane Mannion
  • Ian Marshall
    Ian Marshall
  • Michael Mazer
    Michael Mazer
  • Mick McAndrews
    Mick McAndrews
  • William McKeown
    William McKeown
  • Don McMichael
    Don McMichael
  • Terry Miller
    Terry Miller
  • Leonard Mizerek
    Leonard Mizerek
  • Ann Mohnkern
    Ann Mohnkern
  • Arthur Moniz
    Arthur Moniz
  • Larry Moore
    Larry Moore
  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore
  • Guy Morrow
    Guy Morrow
  • Paul Mullally
    Paul Mullally
  • Charles W. Mundy
    Charles W. Mundy
  • Debra Nadelhoffer
    Debra Nadelhoffer
  • Tom Nielsen
    Tom Nielsen
  • Ed Parker
    Ed Parker
  • Scott Penegar
    Scott Penegar
  • Mary Pettis
    Mary Pettis
  • Carol Raybin
    Carol Raybin
  • Debra Reid Jenkins
    Debra Reid Jenkins
  • Charles Raskob Robinson
    Charles Raskob Robinson
  • Sergio Roffo
    Sergio Roffo
  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

Jeffrey Sabol - Karol Wyckoff

  • Jeffrey Sabol
    Jeffrey Sabol
  • Morgan Samuel Price
    Morgan Samuel Price
  • Val Sandell
    Val Sandell
  • Jessica Scott
    Jessica Scott
  • Robert C. Semler
    Robert C. Semler
  • Carol Shahbaz
    Carol Shahbaz
  • Kim Shaklee
    Kim Shaklee
  • F. Charles Sharpe
    F. Charles Sharpe
  • Daly Smith
    Daly Smith
  • David Smith
    David Smith
  • Jeanne Rosier Smith
    Jeanne Rosier Smith
  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith
  • Karin Snoots
    Karin Snoots
  • Hodges Soileau
    Hodges Soileau
  • Morten Solberg
    Morten Solberg
  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele
  • Roland E. Stevens
    Roland E. Stevens
  • John Stobart
    John Stobart
  • Robert Tandecki
    Robert Tandecki
  • Len Tantillo
    Len Tantillo
  • John Tayson
    John Tayson
  • Lois Salmon Toole
    Lois Salmon Toole
  • Jane Tukarski
    Jane Tukarski
  • Line' Tutwiler
    Line' Tutwiler
  • Kent Ullberg
    Kent Ullberg
  • John Ursillo
    John Ursillo
  • Jerry Weiss
    Jerry Weiss
  • James Wolford
    James Wolford
  • Karol Wyckoff
    Karol Wyckoff
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